How It Works

At Blue Bird Cards our greeting card mailing service will send a real paper greeting card for you. Just follow the fast and easy steps...


Select a Card imageThen,

Add address & note

We've got it from here,

We will create the card and mail it

All you do is select the card(s) you want, add addresses and your note.

Our team creates your card by printing your note, addressing the envelope, adding postage, and mailing it for you.

Steps (in-depth):

Step 1: Select the card you would like mailed.

Step 2: Select: Mail Card Today or choose the mailing date.

Step 3: Enter the recipient's name and mailing address.

Step 4: Select if shipped within the USA? If interested add tracking.

Step 5: Enter a return address if desired.

Step 5: Select a font, and enter the note you would like in the card.

You're done!

We do the rest!

We create your personalized card and mail it for you.